jenna b

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.”
— The Lorax

Hi. I am Jenna Bischoff and I am 11 years old. Rhinos are being poached and I am worried that very soon there will be no more rhinos left. Imagine if the big five became the big four? That will be very sad.  I want to help save them so I asked my Mum and Dad to help me and that is how we came up with this idea.  

My Dad makes shampoo, soaps and creams so we decided on do a Liquid Soap and a Hand Lotion. I am also pretty good at art so we used the rhino picture that I painted at school for the label and call it Jenna B (after me). Since it was my idea, I also got to choose the square bottle and the Rooibos perfume, which I love.   

All of the profits go to UAP (Unite Against Poaching) who are doing their best to stop rhino poaching. You can see more about what they do on   You can see how much I have raised on this website or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @jennabfortherhinos.

So if you care about rhinos even half as much as I do, please help me to save them.



Unite Against Poaching

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