jenna b

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.”
— The Lorax

My name is Jenna Bischoff. I am 12 years old and in Grade 6 at Rustenburg Junior School. Our school often speaks to us about conservation and the plight of the rhinos really caught my attention way back when. I don’t understand why you get people in this world who think it is okay to cut off any rhino horn and hurt the animals the way they do. I love animals and I knew instantly that I had to help in some way to raise money for all the amazing people out there that are doing their very best to try and stop poachers.

We have already lost the last Northern White Rhino male and at this pace they predict the African Black Rhino could be extinct by 2025. They are killing about three rhinos every day and if we don’t continue to raise awareness and money these beautiful and gentle creatures will not be around for our generations’ kids to see.

Imagine if the big five became the big four or visiting the Kruger National Park and there are no rhinos? It is truly impossible to imagine that this can become a reality. 

So I decided to help raise funds to help the people on the front line to protect these rhinos. My dad makes toiletries for a living so I asked him to make me a special range that I could sell and then donate the profit. I called it Jenna B, drew a picture of a rhino (the one you see in the picture above), chose a Rooibos fragrance to go with the Africa theme and viola, I had my range to sell.    

100% of the profits go to UAP (Unite Against Poaching) who are part of the SANParks group and they are doing their best to stop rhino poaching. You can see more about what they do on   You can see how much I have raised under “Make a Difference”. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram @jennabfortherhinos.

If you care about rhinos even half as much as I do, please help me to save them.



Unite Against Poaching

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